Hip Scheme

The BVA Hip Scheme was set up to reduce inherited hip problems in dogs. How to apply and what it costs is explained here

Hip dysplasia is a term which includes a number of specific developmental and other abnormalities involving the hip joint.

The purpose of the hip scheme is to reduce the incidence of the disease in dogs used for breeding.

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If you have decided to have your dog(s) screened, or to learn about the procedure of screening, please read the Procedure Notes.

Please read the procedure notes before submitting your dog(s) as failure to do so may result in delays.


Item Excluding VAT(£) per dog Including VAT(£) per dog
1 to 4 dogs £47.50 £57
5-plus dogs for same owner £41.67 £50
Rescoring under appeals £86.25 £103.50
Copy of certificates* £31.25 £37.50 per copy
Joint Hip & Elbow £86.25 £103.50

*can only be issued to the person(s) identified on the original certificate as the owner(s) of the dog at the time of scoring.

NB Once a certificate of HD scoring has been issued for a dog, the dog may not be resubmitted for scoring under the Scheme.

Digital images

Digital DICOM images can now be submitted on CD or DVD. Full instructions for submitting in this format are available from the CHS office and will be printed in the Procedure Notes of the schemes for 2011.

Publication of results

The Kennel Club is responsible for publishing hip dysplasia results for all pedigree dogs in the Kennel Club Breed Records Supplement and on progeny registration certificates.