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Please select the membership grade you require

Standard Membership Grade

Working vets qualified more than nine years

Main - Standard Membership

Yearly rate £297.00 | Monthly rate £24.75

Young Vet Network Grade

First 8 years of work/on RCVS register

Year 1 after graduation

Yearly rate £99.00 | Monthly rate £8.25

Years 2 to 8 after graduation

Yearly rate £198.00 | Monthly rate £16.50

Number of years since graduation

Concessionary Grade

Retired, career break, parental leave, studying, reduced income

All concessionary options

Yearly rate £148.50 | Monthly rate £12.38

Concessionary options

Joint Membership

For professional couples who join together


Yearly rate £414.00 | Monthly rate £34.50

Student Membership

If you're studying to become a vet

Year 1 of study

First-year students at the UK vet schools are entitled to a free year’s membership paid for by BVA

Years 2 to 8 of study

Yearly rate £39.00 | Monthly rate £3.25

Place of study

Years of study

Group Membership

Employer's scheme where all vet staff join together

1 to 5 staff


Additional members 6 to 25

£148.50 per head

Additional members 26 to 50

£124 per head

Additional members 51 or more

£99 per head

Associate Membership

Vet para-professionals and related roles


Yearly rate £297.00 | Monthly rate £24.75