BVA groups and committees

In this section you can find out more about the British Veterinary Association’s (BVA) groups and committees

BVA has 5 standing committees, each of which report to BVA Council 

  • Veterinary Policy Group (VPG) - VPG advises BVA Council on any veterinary subject of national interest relevant to animal health, animal welfare, or public health
  • Members' Services Group (MSG) - MSG advises the BVA Council on any current service provided to members and makes proposals to change or identify potential new services
  • Ethics and Welfare Group (EWG) - EWG is a standing committee of BVA Council which considers ethical issues arising from the interaction of animals with human society
  • Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) - AWF is the veterinary profession’s own animal welfare charity.  It aims to improve the welfare of all animals through veterinary science, education and debate
  • Overseas Group (OG) – OG links the BVA and its members with veterinary associations, organisations and individuals throughout the developing world.  It considers and advises upon those overseas matters of concern to the veterinary profession.

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