Tail docking of dogs

In this section you can find out more about the British Veterinary Association's position on tail docking of dogs


The docking of dogs' tails has been banned in

What the BVA has done

The BVA and British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) have been campaigning against the non-therapeutic docking of puppies’ tails since the sixties because they believe that it is not in the animal’s best interests.

The BVA has also issued

Vets Against Docking

Vets Against Docking (VAD) has been set up to give vets a chance to publicly and individually have their say. They have set up a listing of veterinary surgeons, supporting a complete ban on all non- therapeutic docking of dogs' tails. If you would like to be added to the list please visit the site and register your interest

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