Official Vets

In this section you can find out more about Official Vets (OVs) including the existing agreement and payment rates.


OV is the term used to describe private practice vets who perform work on behalf of an EU member state.

OVs were previously referred to as Local Veterinary Inspectors (LVIs).

The work performed by OVs is normally of a statutory nature and is often undertaken at public expense.

Conditions of appointment

OVs are veterinary surgeons appointed by government to carry out authorised duties on its behalf.  They are not employees of the Minister but are rather appointed under the terms of a Memorandum 

The payment of OVs is based on an agreed fee for service

Official Veterinarian Reform Programme (OVRP)

Delivering OV services involves three parties: the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA), OV practices and individual OVs.

On 12 May 2010, AHVLA (then Animal Health) issued a statement on the future procurement of professional veterinary services to bring the UK in line with European legislation.

On 30 July 2013 Defra announced  that they were preparing a tender exercise on behalf of AHVLA for a Veterinary Delivery Partnership. As part of this process a Prior Information Notice has been published giving further information.

Other current issues regarding the future of the veterinary profession