BVA membership benefits

Whether you are a student vet or planning to retire, belonging to the British Veterinary Association brings numerous benefits throughout your careeer

BVA is the only UK membership association that looks after all aspects of vets' professional and personal lives.

No matter what stage you have reached in your veterinary career BVA membership brings you a wide range of benefits.

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1) Enhanced knowledge

Find out more about how membership to the BVA enhances your veterinary knowledge

2) Career advancement

Find out how membership to the BVA advances your career

3) Advice to protect you

Find out how BVA advice services can protect you

4) Gets your voice heard

Find out how being a BVA member gets your voice heard

5) Saves you money

Find out how being a BVA member saves you money

6) Part of the BVA community

An easy way for you to have your say on important veterinary issues -