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BVA supports vets and champions the veterinary profession. BVA membership gives you many benefits such as our veterinary journals and low cost CPD

Why you should join the BVA

The British Veterinary Association is the UK's only membership organisation that looks after all aspects of vets' professional and personal lives.

  • We help members develop their veterinary careers
  • We support members in times of need
  • We safeguard the interests of the UK veterinary profession

Find out below about the full range of BVA membership benefits, who can join, how to join, and membership rates. 

BVA member benefits

See the whole range of benefits for BVA members.


Who can join the BVA

Find out who can join the BVA - individuals, group practices, students and recent graduates - and work out the best membership option for you.


How to join - by post, fax or phone or online


Membership rates

Rates including student rates, salary-linked rates, and information on how to claim your tax back on your BVA membership, saving you up to 40%.



If you have any queries regarding membership, contact the membership office on 020 7908 6350 or email