Canine Health Schemes

The BVA's Canine Health Schemes allow breeders to test for a range of inherited diseases

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This section has four parts looking at the Canine Health Schemes

What are the Canine Health Schemes?

The Canine Health Schemes serve to provide dog breeders with the option of testing for certain inherited diseases, to enable them to breed only from dogs which have fewer or no signs of inherited disease and thus help to reduce the incidence of these diseases.

Permanent identification

From 1st January 2010 it has been necessary for any dog certified under the Schemes to be permanently identified by either microchip or tattoo. These regulations were put into place to ensure the continued development of quality breeding standards within the UK. For more information or clarification of this policy contact the CHS office on the details below.


The results from the Canine Health Schemes for Kennel Club registered dogs are available through The Kennel Club website 

More information

If you are interested in having your dog examined, please consult your own veterinary surgeon who can tell you what to do.

For more information about the Canine Health Schemes, download this order form and fax or send it to

Canine Health Schemes
British Veterinary Association
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Telephone: 020 7908 6380
Fax: 020 7908 6389

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