Animal Welfare Foundation

AWF is the veterinary profession's own animal charity

Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) is a charity set up by vets to improve the welfare of all animals through veterinary science, education and debate.

AWF is not a policy-making body but contributes to BVA policy by highlighting and promoting debate on welfare issues that are then taken forward by the BVA's Ethics and Welfare Group.

AWF aims to apply the knowledge, skill and compassion of veterinary surgeons through the funding of research projects, producing practice information for vets and helpful care advice for pet and animal owners.

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AWF has its own website which explains how it helps improve the welfare of all animals and carries details of its veterinary research grants and pet care advice. You can also make a donation online.

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AWF is funded entirely from voluntary contributions, including legacies and relies on your donations to continue its work.

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