East Midlands

The East Midlands regional representative on BVA Council is Chantal Bryant.

We encourage you to contact Chantal via the East Midlands forum on the BVA community or by emailing eastmidlands@bva.co.uk.

Chantal Bryant

Chantal BryantI qualified from the Royal Dick in 2006, and I joined the BVA at university as I enjoyed the well laid out articles in ‘In Practice’. Prior to this I was awarded a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology. My first 6 ½ years were spent in mixed practice mostly around the Midlands as the Peaks is a part of the country I fell in love with, where I enjoy walking with friends and our dogs. I am currently working at Scarsdale in Derby as a farm animal veterinary surgeon. I am also an honorary lecturer for Nottingham University as we are an associate practice. Teaching the final years is very rewarding and provides opportunities for discussion of different views on current affairs.

I am a member of the BCVA which allows me to keep up to date with the latest research and opinions of my fellow professionals. I am currently taking part in AHDB’s Developing Sheep Expertise course with a view to promoting a better working relationship between the different stakeholders of the sheep industry. This will enable us to improve our knowledge so that we can offer more effective advice. Our first successful meeting was the end of November and I am looking forward to the second in January 2017.

I spend much of my time dealing with routine farm clients helping them to improve their herd health and productivity. I started a Smallholder Club in 2014 which has a group of enthusiastic members who benefit from meetings and newsletters suitable for their smaller flocks or menageries. This provides a good variation between the big businesses looking at the larger herd or flock and people who are more concerned about each animal as an individual.

Working in a large farm practice provides plenty of opportunities for the exchange of ideas allowing me to develop my diplomatic skills. We have a young group of vets at the practice and I enjoy helping them to learn and thrive in their chosen career. I agree with the premise raised at the BVCA Congress that the profession is facing an uncertain future. It is important to work together to help formulate plans for attracting new vets and offering them support and encouragement to enable them to continue in the profession well into their later years. The issues are complex and will require a wide range of people to try and help safeguard our profession.

Many of our clients are struggling as a result of current problems, with which the BVA is also concerned; TB and how to control it being one of their biggest concerns. One of the concerns I have because of working at an independent practice is that of corporate companies taking over and changing how veterinary services are offered with money becoming the driving force with little hope of partnerships for future generations. I enjoy public speak and engaging in discussions with clients on the problems facing them.