Representing our members

BVA speaks on behalf of every member and for the veterinary profession as a whole

BVA is the voice of the veterinary profession in the UK, a responsibility we take very seriously.

Through our committees and Council, regional representatives, branches, divisions, and the online BVA community, we ensure your views are heard at the highest level across the UK and Europe.

We also make sure the voice of the UK veterinary profession is heard in national, regional and trade media, and are the first source of informed opinion for the media.  

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Media, campaigns and lobbying

In the first six months of 2016 total media hits reached 2,301 and the average number of media hits per month was 384, an  increase of 10% on 2015, which in turn was an increase of 27% on 2014.

If a story involves animal welfare or veterinary issues we work hard to promote the views of the profession. Here are some of the things we've been working on:

Survey successes

Our Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey statistics helped to generate hundreds of national, regional and trade news stories, including coverage for members on our panel.

Stories generated from survey statistics include:

How you can get involved

Working with vet clients

We engage with animal owners via social media through our active Twitter accounts and have produced a range of resources to help members make the general public aware of the realities of veterinary practice. To find out more visit our You and your vet page.