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  • Speaking up for vets during time of change 

    Following the EU referendum, BVA is urging UK governments to protect the status of EU veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses who are currently living and working in the UK.

    Latest BVA news on Brexit
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    Brexit and the veterinary profession

    In June 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union which will impact on many areas of interest to the veterinary profession. Our overriding aim is to ensure the best possible outcome for veterinary science, animal health and welfare and public health.

    Rabbit health and welfare

    While many people think rabbits are easy to look after and ideal pets for children, rabbits have complex needs.

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  • Latest consultation

    Commission Communication on a One Health Action Plan to support Member States in the fights against AMR

    17 April 2017
  • Latest response

    Guidance to NE on licensed badger control to prevent the spread of bTB

    10 February 2017