BVA is the voice of the veterinary profession

We ensure the veterinary voice is heard in Westminster, Holyrood, the National Assembly for Wales, Stormont, and Brussels. We promote a positive image of the UK veterinary profession and seek to influence policy and legislation.

  • Campaigning across the UK & Europe


    Add your voice to our call for an end to non-stun slaughter. Find out more about our 2015 Election manifesto calling on politicians to provide a clear pathway to improve animal health and welfare. And let your clients know about changes to the law on dog microchipping.


    Let your clients know about forthcoming changes to legislation on dog microchipping. Lobby your MSP on non-stun slaughter. And find out about BVA’s annual Scottish dinner in Holyrood.


    Sign the Welsh Government petition on non-stun slaughter. Let your clients know about the changes to legislation on dog microchipping. And read about BVA’s successful lobbying events in Cardiff.

    Northern Ireland

    Write to your MLA to support BVA’s campaign to end non-stun slaughter.


    Find out about the new EU Animal Health Regulation. Lobby your MEP on non-stun slaughter labelling and veterinary medicines. And read about the BVA Junior Vice President’s lobbying meetings in Brussels.