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BVA welcomes ban on wild animals in travelling circuses

BVA has warmly welcomed the announcement that the use of wild animals in travelling circuses will be banned in England from January 2020.


Two more BVA Welsh Branch members appointed to influential animal welfare group

Two members of BVA Welsh Branch have been appointed to the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework Group.


‘Anti-vax’ sentiment creeping into pet care, warn vets

Vets are concerned that scepticism about vaccination is creeping over from human health into pet care as new statistics show that 98% of vets have been questioned by their clients on the need for vaccination.


BVA responds to Rip Off Britain discussion on costs of veterinary medicines

BVA has written a letter to Rip Off Britain to express disappointment at not presenting the full picture behind the reasons for difference in cost of veterinary medicines


Vets are central to the sustainability agenda, says BVA

BVA has highlighted the key role that vets have to play in furthering the sustainable animal agriculture agenda in the UK. In its latest Voice of the Veterinary Profession Survey, 89% of vets said that they would like to play a more active role in this area.


Double-choc that sweet treats are out of reach of pets this Easter

With Easter just around the corner, vets are reminding pet owners to keep chocolate and other sweet treats well out of paws’ reach, as eating even a small amount can be dangerous or even fatal.

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