BVA presses APHA for tender timetable

20 January 2015

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has written on behalf of its members to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) asking for urgent clarification on the government’s timetable for announcing the results of the recent tender to deliver bovine TB testing, and other Official Veterinarian (OV) services.


BVA’s action reflects the seriousness of the potential impacts of the tender results for veterinary practices across England and Wales in terms of their continuing role in animal disease prevention and detection. BVA members are increasingly anxious about the implications of the tender results and how they will engage with delivery partners at a level of remuneration that allows for sustainable delivery.


BVA President and cattle vet John Blackwell said:


“BVA argued strongly against the move towards tendering for OV services, reflecting member concerns about how tenders awarded to companies outside of a local practice area could affect the critical relationship between local vets and their farming clients, as well as the impact on rural practices.


“While the tendering process went ahead, BVA secured some reassurances in the invitation to tender in relation to the requirement for a range of delivery partners throughout the geographical lots devolving work to local practices.


“BVA’s position and member concerns have not altered and we will follow the outcomes of the tender very closely, continuing to argue for local veterinary expertise at the point of delivery, which is so important for disease prevention and detection. 


“We were expecting the announcement of the tender results earlier this month so it is critical that APHA now sets out a clear timetable for the announcement and next steps. Vets who will be affected by the outcome need this information to be able to plan and work with their farmer clients and delivery partners to ensure herds across the UK have the best disease detection and prevention plans in place.”

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