Veterinary wellbeing

Stress, mental wellbeing and employment issues constituted 60% of calls going to the Veterinary Helpline in 2014, and the risk of suicide in the profession is 3-4 times higher than the average population.

Therefore it’s important we offer support to the veterinary profession and signpost to other organisations that may also be able to help. We also want to raise awareness in order to tackle the stigma that surrounds mental health.

We offer or support the following services:

Free and confidential helpline

Vetlife is an independent registered charity that provides free and confidential support to the veterinary community through a 24/7 helpline, a health support programme and a fund for financial assistance.

Call the Vet Helpline on 0303 040 2551

Supporting young vets

The transition from vet school to work can be challenging. We offer special support to vets in their final year and first 8 years after graduation.

Find out more about the Young Vet Network

British Veterinary LGBT+

The British Veterinary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (BVLGBT) group was started in 2015 by vet Mat Hennessey. We have been supporting the group right from the beginning and will continue to promote the work that BVLGBT does.

Find out more about BVLGBT+:

Our stories on the BVA blog

See Sean Wensley’s blog post BVLGBT – good for the profession and society

Health and wellbeing member benefits

Legal advice and support

BVA members have access to free legal support services including a mediation service and free legal helpline, which can be used for professional and personal advice.

HR and employment guidance

We have created a suite of downloadable HR and employment guides free for members to help ensure best practice and legal obligations in the workplace.

RCVS Mind Matters Initiative

In 2014 RCVS launched the Mind Matters Initiative to help increase the accessibility and acceptance of wellbeing support across the veterinary profession.

Follow @vetmindmatters on Twitter

SPVS Wellbeing Awards

SPVS in conjunction with the RCVS Mind Matters Initiative are turning the spotlight on practices where wellbeing is valued, inviting them to share what they are doing well with other owners and managers via their new ‘Wellbeing Award’. They also offer a “Wellbeing Checklist” for practices to continually assess their wellbeing performance.

Our activity on veterinary wellbeing 2016