Guide to employment contracts for veterinary staff

Guide to employment contracts for veterinary staff

BVA has produced a comprehensive guide on employment contracts covering up-to-date advice on all the relevant employment laws, rights and regulations for employers and a suggested model agreement.

This guide is designed to provide key information on the rights of employees and on the operation of employment law. It incorporates a suggested model agreement at the back of the document which may be adapted by the parties as appropriate.

The guide reflects the law at the time of going to print. However, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that its employment practices and employment contracts comply with current law. Employers should therefore keep their employ practices and contracts of employment under review.

Last revision: 2019
Edition: 4
Publisher: BVA
Number of pages: 82
Format: PDF

The guide explains:

  • the need for a written agreement
  • commencement of employment
  • employment status
  • locums
  • agency workers
  • salaried partners
  • partnership prospects
  • limited companies
  • fixed term contracts
  • part-time employees
  • restraint of practice
  • remuneration
  • restrictions as to place of residence
  • confidentiality
  • sickness
  • data protection
  • indemnity insurance
  • compulsory insurance
  • model agreement
  • signature of agreement
  • review of agreement
  • minor matters outside the agreement
  • unionisation
  • future changes

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