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  • Antibiotic awareness poster for practices

    Leading human and animal medical organisations – including BVA, the British Medical Association (BMA), Public Health England (PHE) and Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) – have joined forces for the first time to launch a 'One Health' poster for waiting rooms to ensure responsible use of antibiotics.

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  • Responsible use of anthelmintics in grazing animals

    BVA has issued a responsible use of anthelmintics poster as guidance to veterinary surgeons encouraging judicious use of anthelmintics.

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  • Reponsible use of antimicrobials in veterinary practice

    Antimicrobials are essential to veterinary and human medicine to treat infectious and zoonotic bacterial diseases, but inappropriate use could render them ineffective. Use our poster to display the 7-point plan for responsible use of antimicrobials.

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  • Veterinary medicines good practice guide

    Veterinary medicines good practice guide We have produced a good practice guide on veterinary medicines with the support of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD)

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  • Veterinary prescription form

    This prescription is for single-use only unless otherwise certified. All products for retail supply are subject to VAT

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