Insurance cover for divisions

BVA holds an insurance scheme which provides cover for divisions in respect of the following:

  • employer's liability & public liability (does not apply to SPVS)
  • professional services/trustee and officers cover
  • regalia held by divisions (only where specified in the most recent correspondence from Lloyd & Whyte)

Divisions are sent an annual declaration (around April) which explains the criteria which must be met for cover to remain in force. One such stipulation is that the officers of the division must be fully paid up members of the BVA, including the secretary, press officer, president, treasurer and BVA Council representative.

Cover does not apply for BSAVA which, due to the nature of the organisation, needs to arrange its own insurance.

Full details of insurance cover for divisions [M]

1.Employers Liability & Public Liability

  • Insured through Zurich.
  • This policy covers physical loss or damage to property or bodily injury. For example, if the Division faces litigation from a member of the Division, a member of the public or an employee, following an accident at a Divisional event.
  • Employers Liability (£10 million limit of indemnity per incident) including cover relating to volunteers.
  • Public Liability (£10 million limit of indemnity per incident) covers the Division in respect of relevant conferences, events (including training events) and meetings.
  • There is an excess of £250 for Third Party Property Damage.
  • Employers Liability Certificate
  • Evidence of Public Liability insurance (which may be useful if venues ask for proof that insurance is in force).
  • Full Policy wording - refer to sections F & G.

2. Professional Services / Trustee & Officer Cover

  • Insured through Royal & Sun Alliance.
  • This insurance will provide cover (subject to the terms of the policy) in the event that litigation is brought against your Division (or a Trustee / Officer) working in the capacity of a Professional Association for “wrongful acts” (eg. libel and slander / mis-advice).
  • There is a limit of indemnity of £1 million per annum per Division. This is all subject to an overall limit for all Divisions of £2 million per annum.
  • The policy also covers theft of money by a Trustee, Officer or Employee, with a limit of £10,000 per Division per annum.
  • There is an excess of £250 per claim (or 20% of any loss for theft of money by a Trustee, Officer or Employee).
  • Full Policy wording

3. Cover for Divisional Regalia

  • Your Division is covered for specified items of Divisional Regalia, ONLY if they are itemised within the most recent correspondence from Lloyd & Whyte.
  • Insured through Zurich.
  • If you have any further Divisional Regalia requiring cover, please contact Lloyd & Whyte.
  • There is an excess of £100 per claim.
  • if the Regalia is left in an unattended vehicle (which we would not recommend) it must be concealed in a glove compartment or boot and be securely locked.
  • Full Policy wording - refer to section E.

Important Notes

  • There is no cover in place for damage to any buildings or contents owned or used by any Division (other than for Divisional Regalia where shown above). Separate insurance should be sought if you have any such property. If you have insurance requirements in this respect, Lloyd & Whyte could assist.
  • All cover is subject to the full terms and conditions of the relevant insurance policy. Cover is subject to change. Divisions will be sent summaries each year at renewal in or around April.
  • There is no cover for any aspect of this insurance in respect of BSAVA due to the nature of the organisation.
  • There is no cover for Public Liability or Employers Liability in respect of SPVS, who have separate insurance in force due to the nature of the Division.
  • If any Division has a related Trust, acting as a separate legal entity, then this is not covered by any aspect of this insurance – please refer to Lloyd & Whyte if unsure.
  • The Public Liability insurance is designed to cover typical non-manual activities of an association, such as relevant conferences, events (including training events) and meetings. If there are any hazardous activities, such as events with a bouncy castle, then please refer to Lloyd & Whyte.
  • The insurance can cover occasional work overseas, although UK jurisdiction will apply in respect of any claim.
  • Any potential claim, or event which could give rise to a claim, should be notified immediately to Lloyd & Whyte.
  • The cover described above does not include cover for medical malpractice / treatment of animals. The policy described in point 2 above is intended to cover the Divisions for advice given to veterinary members but it would not cover the Division for any direct treatment of animals. If your Division does get involved directly in the treatment of animals (for example as part of training), then the vet attending to such animal should ensure that their professional indemnity insurance will provide the necessary cover.