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Employing a new graduate - the view from both sides - Part  2 Listing Image
If colostrum is gold, colostrum quality is priceless Listing Image
Bee the change: Veterinary practices taking the lead in protecting honeybees  Listing Image
Ready, steady, Gove Listing Image

Ready, steady, Gove

22 Mar 2019 | Simon Doherty | Practice management

BVA and the RSPCA caught up with Environment Secretary Michael Gove this week to talk about the #endnonstun campaign and associated asks around welfare at slaughter. Simon Doherty reports back from this key meeting.

Finding the right practice for you Listing Image

Finding the right practice for you

06 Mar 2019 | Practice management

Even for an experienced vet, looking for a new job can be daunting but as a new graduate it can be even more overwhelming. Grads to Vets founder, Lizzie Bewsey-Dyke shares her top job-hunting tips for new grads.

British Veterinary LGBT: Hattie's story Listing Image
British Veterinary LGBT: Matt's story Listing Image
How to survive a no deal Brexit: a guide for vets Listing Image

How to survive a no deal Brexit: a guide for vets

05 Feb 2019 | Sally Burnell | Practice management

The news headlines are filled with reports of organisations ramping up their preparations for the UK to leave the EU on 29 March without a deal. While the future remains unclear, BVA has developed an 8-point plan of practical steps to help vets prepare themselves and their clients for a no deal Brexit.

British Veterinary LGBT: Mat's story Listing Image
Find your new graduate now, before they’re snapped up Listing Image
The workforce crisis part 6 – What do the results of the ‘Mark’ and ‘Elizabeth’ study mean? Listing Image
The Assured Breeder Scheme and the importance of health screening Listing Image
The importance of eye testing in brachycephalic breeds Listing Image
CHS month: So, your client has been sold a pup? Listing Image
The workforce crisis part 5 – The design of the 'Mark' and 'Elizabeth' study Listing Image
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