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Animal health and welfare 'public goods' must be at heart of new agricultural policy

BVA President John Fishwick comments on the Government's proposals for a post-Brexit agricultural policy.

Responding to the Environment Secretary’s agricultural policy proposals, set out in the ‘Health and Harmony: The Future for Food, Farming and the Environment in a Green Brexit’ consultation, the President of the British Veterinary Association John Fishwick said:

"Today’s paper rightly sets out a move from direct payments to public money being used for public goods that benefit producers, consumers and wider society. Animal health and welfare underpin the reputation of UK agricultural produce, so it is essential that these are supported as public goods in agricultural policy post-Brexit.

“Vets play a crucial role in UK agriculture, from the farm-gate through to trade certification and border checks, so it’s vital that the Government use veterinary expertise to best effect in the development and delivery of any new policy and plans.

“If we are to maintain our global reputation for high standards of animal health and welfare, and improve our trade links with the rest of the world, any future investment in the UK farming industry must be targeted at measures to maintain and enhance those standards.

“With all eyes on Westminster, we’d urge serious consideration be given to the coordination of agricultural policy across all four regions of the UK as we head towards Brexit.”

BVA will be consulting with members in order to respond to the consultation in full.

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