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New measures could help tackle tragic consequences of poorly bred puppies, say vets

BVA responds to the Environment Secretary's measures to drive up dog welfare, announced today.

Responding to Michael Gove’s call for evidence on banning third party puppy sales, and the raft of measures laid in Parliament today, the President of the British Veterinary Association John Fishwick said: 

“As vets, we see first-hand the tragic consequences that can result from poorly bred puppies so it’s encouraging to see the Government announce this raft of measures to improve dog welfare.

“We support the principle that puppies should not be sold by third parties, but this is a complex area that must consider advertising, internet sales and pet owners’ buying habits to ensure illegal puppy sales won’t be driven underground.

“Effective legislation must be backed by enforcement, so it’s essential that local authorities are equipped with adequate resources to help guarantee the welfare of millions of dogs across the UK.

“To ensure you buy a happy healthy puppy, prospective owners can get advice from their local vet and use the free, online Puppy Contract that provides guidance such as seeing a puppy alongside its mother before sale.”


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