Brexit through the eyes of a Spanish vet: 6 months on

Posted on August 30, 2017 by Bruno Nicolas

I cannot believe it’s been over a year since the Brexit Referendum. No one could believe the results either … OUT. It was funny (or should I say sad) when I heard people around me saying things like, 'I voted OUT because I thought the results would be IN'. I struggled to believe the result, but it is what the British public wished and we have to respect it.

This year it is been such a quiet one, no changes in my life at all, same job, same salary, same taxes to pay. I was not expecting too many changes, to be honest; because I had a tiny hope that it had all been a nightmare and the British people would change their minds and ask for a second referendum, but that was just a dream. The UK has started meetings with other countries to develop agreements and we will have to wait until the next year or two to see how everything ends up.

Does the Government know EU vets don't feel welcome?

Everyone keeps saying that nothing is going to happen to EU vets, that we will keep our jobs and rights to stay and live in the UK, but it is difficult to trust these declarations when the Government plans to have strategic meetings with non-European countries like India or Pakistan, or Brazil and Argentina. Does the Government know EU vets won't feel welcome? Or maybe EU vets will simply go back to their homes and the UK will lose those 50% of vets registering each year? Either way, it doesn't sound very promising to me

I work in small animal practice but there’s also the point about Official Veterinarians, who provide government services like disease testing or post mortems in abattoirs, around 90% of whom are EU nationals. This is another field the Government must deal with: the UK doesn't want animal welfare standards to fall after it leaves the EU.

Unsettled status

A few weeks ago, the Government said all EU nationals living and working in the UK for five years will be entitled to apply for settled status. I have been in this country for 3 years, what is it going to happen with me? Won't I be allowed to apply for my rights?

As I said before, in general it doesn't sound very promising. And, after one year of Brexit news, updates and agreements, I am seriously considering to leaving the country before it all falls down. I cannot see a future for me in the UK.

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Bruno Nicolas

Written by Bruno Nicolas

Veterinary Surgeon

Bruno is a small animal practitioner originally from Girona, Spain. After graduation he worked in Barcelona before moving to the UK. Bruno currently works at a small animal practice in Bedford. In his spare time he loves to catch up with friends, travel as much as possible and watch musicals.