BVA Congress recordings from London Vet Show 2016

Posted on January 09, 2017 by James Mullarkey

2016 was my second London Vet Show and the first time it was held at ExCeL London. Along with many other BVA staff, I was doing lots of the little jobs to help the show run smoothly. If you visited BVA Congress I may well have scanned your event pass on the way in or tried to help you with directions.

One of the perks was being able to listen to many of the excellent speakers and see them respond to questions from vets and vet nurses in the audience. London Vet Show has a huge amount of quality CPD speakers but the BVA Congress ethical and animal welfare discussions offer something different.

The discussions at BVA Congress included antimicrobial resistance, animal welfare and veterinary wellbeing as well as a fantastic breakfast session on Brexit and a special lecture from Professor Christine Nicol on the possibility of crash landing on another planet and deciding which aliens you might eat.

You can now buy the full set of recordings for all the BVA Congress sessions from - that's over 11 hours of veterinary CPD for a mere £8.40.

Go to any of the individual session pages and click on the purple 'Pay to view' button to buy them all. I've listed them all below to give you a flavour of what to expect.

Overcoming human error in veterinary practice

This session discusses how human error impacts patient care in a veterinary context and explores whether and how vets can learn from tools in human medicine.

View the 'Overcoming human error' webinar

Tackling antimicrobial resistance

This session explores the vision set out by Lord O’Neill for what needs to change at a global level, and considers what this means for the UK government, industry and the veterinary profession.

View the 'Tackling antimicrobial resistance' webinar

Wooldridge Memorial Lecture – Would you eat an alien?

In the Wooldridge Memorial Lecture Professor Christine Nicol draws on her experiences in making the 'Would you eat an alien?' radio programme, and explores how animal welfare science has developed our ability to assess animals’ interests including the debate around the different concerns of sentient animals, socially bonded animals, and those with some awareness of their own future.

View the 'Wooldridge Memorial Lecture' webinar

Building a more resilient veterinary profession

This session explores the controversial idea that current approaches to university education are causing workforce problems and considers whether and how strategies to build resilience throughout the veterinary career can be used to best effect.

View the 'Building a more resilient veterinary profession' webinar

Understanding veterinary clients

A BVA Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey in 2015 revealed that 98% of vets report that their clients consult Dr Google before coming to the practice and 80% are concerned that owners delay seeking veterinary help. How well do vets understand the human nature that dictates their relationships with clients?

View 'Understanding veterinary clients' webinar

Brexit and the veterinary profession

Whatever an individual’s personal position on leaving or remaining in the EU, Brexit poses big questions for the veterinary profession, presenting potential challenges and opportunities. Areas that may be affected by Brexit include veterinary workforce issues, animal health (including surveillance and border controls), animal welfare, food hygiene and safety, veterinary medicines and research and development (R&D).

View the 'Breakfast on Brexit' webinar

The future of the pet insurance market

This session invites representatives of the various different insurance and funding models to take part in a structured debate to explore what the future might hold for pet insurance in the UK and what the profession could and should be doing to prepare for it.

View 'The future of the pet insurance market' webinar

Are vets doing all they can to champion animal welfare?

Should we expect vets to always practise what they preach, from their food choices to their pet choices and beyond? This interactive session explores the professional and personal ethics of veterinary surgeons today.

View the 'Are vets doing all they can to champion animal welfare?' webinar

Big data: big opportunities in veterinary surveillance

In this session we will hear a progress update on Defra’s surveillance plans, how small animal surveillance is becoming an increasingly important tool, and what the future could hold for a veterinary profession that embraces big data.

View the 'Big data: big opportunities in veterinary surveillance' webinar

Redesigning our food for the future

This session considers how and where veterinary surgeons can contribute, not only to the delivery of safe and healthy food, but also to the debate on how it can be delivered in an ethical way that puts animal welfare at the forefront.

View 'Redesigning our food future' webinar

Are we making any progress on pedigree dog health?

The media furore surrounding the Crufts German Shepherd Best of Breed winner in March reminded us that there’s still some way to go in improving pedigree dog and welfare in the UK. What, if anything, can be learned from international experiences? And what more can the veterinary profession do from the consult room?

View 'Are we making any progress on pedigree dog health?' webinar

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