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Posted on February 09, 2017 by James Mullarkey

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that our veterinary journals have changed recently. Our four titles Vet Record, In Practice, Vet Record Case Reports and Vet Record Open have all been moved to new platforms which will work much better on mobiles and tablets.

We’ve been working with our publishing partner BMJ on improving the journal websites over the last few months. Now we have these up and running the BMJ design team will be working on new home page designs for each of the journals which will give a further spruce up to the look and feel.

Most BVA members use the single sign on between the BVA website and Vet Record and in In Practice sites to access the content every day but given these sites have changed I thought it a good opportunity to remind members how they can access the content.

If you’re a BVA member you can read all the articles on Vet Record and In Practice for free, a day or so ahead of the print versions arriving. You can also peruse a huge archive of research articles going back decades.

Accessing the content from the BVA website

Most members prefer to go to the BVA site first, login, and then move over to the journal sites giving them access to all the content.  

  1. Visit the Vet Record or In Practice pages on the BVA website in the Professional Development section

    Choose VR menu

  2. Click the Login to access journals button on the right hand side of the page

    Click member login

  3. You will be sent to the Sign in screen – enter your email address and password you use for your membership

    BVA login screen

  4. The Sign in to BVA journals button will now appear on the page – click the button

    Sign in button

  5. You’re then taken to the journal site - from the top menu If you click My account you should see your name under You are logged in as giving you full access to all the articles

Gaining access when you start from the journal site

A small number of members prefer to browse through the abstracts on the journal sites, find an article of interest and then login to access the full version. You can also gain access to the content starting from the journal site.

Here is how to access the content starting from the journals:

  1. From your article go to the top navigation bar and click Login

    VR login button

  2. Under Login via your Society choose BVA

    select BVA from list

  3. You will be sent to the Sign in screen on the BVA website – enter your email address and password you use for your BVA membership
  4. Once you’ve done that you will be returned to your starting page on the journal website so if you want to read a particular article and started the process there you will finish there with a full version of the article

Any problems?

If you're having any problems gaining access please get in touch with our membership team via email or call 0207 908 6350 who would be happy to help.  

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James Mullarkey

Written by James Mullarkey

BVA Head of Digital

James is responsible for the BVA digital estate including the BVA website, Vets.tv, social media channels and digital link ups with the Veterinary Record, In Practice, Vet Record Careers, Veterinary Record Open and Veterinary Record Case Reports websites.

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