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Posted on August 22, 2017 by James Mullarkey

We’ve made some changes to the BVA website to make it easier than ever to find relevant articles from our veterinary journals.

Up to now members have been able to go directly to one of our four veterinary journal websites (Vet Record, In Practice, Vet Record Open and Vet Record Case Reports) look through the latest edition, explore the archive or use the search function to find things.

That worked fine (and still does!) but we wanted to make your experience more dynamic; enabling users to explore the thousands of articles archived from previous issues easily, as well viewing the most current.

New professional development page

If a vet is reading a research paper about complications with canine hip replacement therapy for example, there is other similar content they might enjoy within the journals which they might be unaware of. We wanted to see what we could do to try and try group content together to make it easier to find the things members want.

Vet Record and In Practice

We have redesigned main hub pages for Vet Record and In Practice which will now show you the latest edition of the journals every week for Vet Record and ten times a year for In Practice.

Login to access journals button

For both journals members can use the large burgundy Login to access journals button at the top right of the page to login to the BVA site which then allows access to the journals (in a previous post I discussed the two different ways members can do this).

Once you’re logged in you can go straight across the journal site by hitting the same maroon button which now says Sign in to journals where you can view all the articles or you can carry on browsing abstracts on

Read full article on journal site

Each hub page has links to the articles in the latest edition. Each abstract has a single page. Clicking on Read full article on the journal site at the bottom of an abstract page takes you to full article on the journal site.

Vet Record Open and Vet Record Case Reports

Publication to these online only journals is constant and the hub pages for Vet Record Open and Vet Record Case Reports work in the same way with the links taking members to abstract pages and then on to the journal sites for the full articles. BVA members can read all articles on Vet Record Case Reports once they login. As the name suggests Vet Record Open is a fully open access journal so you don’t have to be a member to read all the content.

Latest and most popular articles

We now have two new pages which combine the most recent articles and the most popular across all four journals.

Latest articles menu screen grab

A more tailored experience

When on any of the journal page on BVA we have added filters for articles. You can use this to filter article down to just the ones you want on certain species or use the search.

Filter journal articles by subject drop down

It’s worth remembering that often Vet Record and In Practice will publish to their website slightly ahead of the print copies hitting members’ doormats and that the archives run back decades so you can always track down an older article or two.

Any problems?

We hope you like the changes we’ve made here and that they enhance your online journal reading.  If you're having any problems gaining access, please get in touch with our membership team via email or call 0207 908 6350 who would be happy to help.

BVA grants editorial freedom to the editors of the veterinary journals. The views expressed in the journals are those of the authors and may not necessarily comply with BVA policy. The veterinary journals are published by BMJ on behalf of BVA.

Recap of the new pages

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