Teaming up with Moneypenny to make customer service a priority

Posted on September 07, 2017 by Pauline Sloan

Moneypenny logo blog BVA partner, Moneypenny talked to Pauline Sloan, receptionist at Village Vets, East Lothian about her practice’s experience of using their service.

What is your practice like on an average day?

Some days tick over nicely, and others are incredibly busy with appointments, surgeries, and clients popping in to collect food or medications. Mondays are when we really notice a difference; people who have kept an eye on their poorly pets over the weekend will bring them for an examination. Whilst we have fantastic understanding clients, this demand can make our reception very busy and we can’t get to every call when the phone rings.

Why did you decide to use a telephone answering service?

Village Vets is a small practice which has got steadily busier, and we have two Animac sites in Edinburgh town centre as well. More and more people are coming through the doors, meaning a greater number of people need our attention. We like to answer every time a client calls and not let it ring out, so we trialled Moneypenny’s answering service. We found it was beneficial for our clients to speak to a real person, and it gives us peace of mind that a friendly person answers the phone every time it rings.

What do you use Moneypenny for?

We use Moneypenny for overflow calls when we can’t pick up the phone or our lines are busy. Our Moneypenny Receptionist, Sam, and her small team catch our calls when we can’t. It’s wonderful to have them always on hand. Knowing that they are there in the background means we can focus on the clients in front of us at reception, and on the animals that need our nurses’ care, without worrying that the phone is going unanswered.

How important is customer service to you and your practice?

The level of customer service we give is extremely important to us and it goes alongside our dedication to the welfare of the pets that we see each day. We love our clients and want them to receive a reassuring experience, which is why we chose to use a telephone answering service.

How has telephone answering helped with customer service?

People often find themselves in a ‘what do I do now?’ moment, and call in a panic when their pet is sick, so we wouldn’t be giving them the attention they need if their call rings out. With telephone answering we know they are getting the service we want to give them. On really busy days, we find ourselves thankful that we’ve got Moneypenny helping us.

Pauline Sloan

Written by Pauline Sloan

Pauline joined Village Vets in East Lothian as a full-time receptionist in 2014, and has a BSc (Hons) in Animal Behaviour & Welfare.