Veterinary careers recordings from London Vet Show 2016

Posted on March 03, 2017 by James Mullarkey

As a follow on from the BVA Congress recordings I previously posted I've now added the full set of veterinary career development recordings from London Vet Show 2016.

This stage was unique at the show as the focus was not on clinical skills but on tips, thoughts and techniques for working with veterinary clients and helping vets to improve all the other aspects of their day to day work.

You can now buy the full set of recordings for all the BVA career development sessions from - that's over 10 hours of veterinary CPD for a mere £8.40.
Go to any of the individual session pages and click on the purple 'Pay to view' button to buy them all. I've listed them all below to give you a flavour of what to expect.

Applying evidence based medicine in veterinary practice

Evidence-based veterinary medicine has evolved from evidence-based medicine and the principles of clinical epidemiology employed in human medicine for several decades. This approach to medical practice is intended to improve decision-making by emphasising the use of evidence from well designed and conducted research.

View 'Applying evidence based medicine in veterinary practice' webinar

How to thrive in veterinary practice

This session will identify the practical steps to improve your own wellbeing in practice (and that of your team) and how to develop a more resilient and flexible approach so you can thrive in practice.

View ''How to thrive in veterinary practice' webinar

Time management -  How to maximise your effectiveness and efficiency

This lecture covers tools to understand what is important to you both personally and professionally, to identify what truly needs to be focused on to feel fulfilled, effective and in control of your time.

View 'How to maximise your effectiveness and efficiency' webinar

Palliative care in veterinary practice

Palliative care unites the entire practice team and can be provided on site, at home or on an out-patient basis. The difference between palliative care and end of life care is that palliative care can be introduced sooner into the patient’s management plan. However, when treatment is no longer effective and quality of life is declining, our focus must shift to preparation for the emotional and practical aspects of euthanasia.

View 'Palliative care in veterinary practice' webinar

Using social media responsibly in a professional capacity as a vet

Social media has presented new challenges to the profession and learning how to use social media is not always second nature, so this session will look at how to use social media responsibly in a professional capacity.

View 'Using social media responsibly in a professional capacity' webinar

Maximising CPD value by bringing learning back into veterinary practice

Trying to establish what information provided through CPD is solidly based in evidence and what is not, is vital if it is to be used to change practice. Learning and using some basic skills of Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine (EVM) can enable professionals to establish ‘fact’ from ‘fiction’.

View 'Maximising CPD value by bringing learning back into veterinary practice' webinar

Euthanasia - veterinary client care and consent

This session will explore the meaning of the phrase ‘informed consent’ and the practical application of the professional code of conduct for veterinary surgeons as it applies to euthanasia.

View 'Euthanasia - veterinary client care and consent' webinar

The confidence and communication skills to negotiate with your boss...or anyone else

This talk will help you understand what an employer wants even if they aren’t able to define and articulate it themselves.

View 'Confidence and communication skills to negotiate with your boss' webinar

Top tips for acquiring your own veterinary practice - looking at the different options available

The session will show the differences between the options available of Joint Venture, existing business or new start up and will highlight some mistakes and surprises you might encounter, and things you need to know before buying a business

View 'Top tips for acquiring your own veterinary practice' webinar

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