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Shortage of Isoflurane

Zoetis has informed the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) of a supply issue due to a mechanical issue on the production line at a third-party manufacturing facility.


Nominations now open for 2019 BVA Junior Vice President

The British Veterinary Association is calling for nominations for a 2019/20 Junior Vice President with all veterinary surgeons invited to self-nominate or nominate a fellow BVA member with their consent.


Time to confine trampolining Boxers and flying pugs to advertising history books

The UK’s leading veterinary organisations say it’s time to address the irresponsible depiction of our furry friends across all forms of advertising to tackle the concerning normalisation of poor animal health and welfare


BVA response to BBC Watchdog discussion on costs of veterinary medicines

On Wednesday 28 November BBC Watchdog explored the topic of veterinary medicines, comparing the costs of buying directly from a veterinary practice with those of buying online.


Keep chocs away from your pets this Christmas, vets warn

Vets are urging owners to add house ‘pet proofing’ to their Christmas to-do lists. Ensuring that potential edible hazards and other risky items are out of reach could avoid an unnecessary trip to the vets over the festive period.


Vets urged to apply professional judgement to make responsible antibiotic prescribing decisions under the cascade

BVA and Veterinary Medicines Directorate are highlighting that vets should continue to exercise their professional judgement when prescribing antibiotics under the cascade to minimise the risk of development of antimicrobial resistance

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