BVA and BSAVA statement on RSA pet insurance preferred referral network

07 October 2015

RSA has announced the launch of a UK-wide preferred referral network which will come into force from 22 November. In response, BVA and British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) have issued a joint statement:

“The veterinary profession understands the need for sustainable business models in veterinary healthcare. It also appreciates the positive impact that pet insurance has on welfare standards, and the ability to offer clients the widest range of care for their animals.

“Both BVA and BSAVA recognise that there are significant pressures facing the pet insurance industry in terms of providing affordable insurance and managing the costs of claims. However when RSA issued their first notice earlier this year regarding policy conditions concerning cases for referral, many in the profession were understandably concerned.

“This is why BVA and BSAVA were pleased to participate in the ensuing, constructive discussions with representatives of RSA.  In our recent meetings we stressed the importance of the vet-client relationship, especially with respect to clinical decision making, and we emphasised that decisions must be made in the best interest of the pet based on clinical need. This resulted in RSA’s agreement to make the list of preferred referral practices freely available in order to keep the decision-making authority with vets and provide more flexibility and transparency in the referral process than the original proposals.

“We are asking members in both first opinion and referral practice to keep us informed about how the new policy is working in practice.”

The referral network will be formally published on 22 November.

More information is available for BVA members in our Community, including a RSA-issued factsheet in support of their announcement.

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