BVA joins leading veterinary figures in green initiative

04 October 2019

The British Veterinary Association’s Senior Vice President, Simon Doherty has joined 14 leading veterinary figures from across the UK as part of a new green initiative, aimed to inspire sustainable actions and principles across the profession.


Launched today, Vet Sustain is an online platform which has been set up in response to a growing interest in sustainability issues amongst members of the veterinary profession. Areas of interest range from sustainable food animal production, environmental best practice in pet ownership and a ‘good life’ for kept animals, through to responsible medicine use, boosting biodiversity, and environmental initiatives in veterinary practice.


A dedicated Facebook group has been set up to engage individuals, practices, enterprises, and students interested in sustainability via regular email newsletters, articles, initiatives, events, webinars, and thought-leadership pieces.


The project draws on the joint BVA/RCVS Vet Futures initiative, which set out an ambition for the veterinary professions to be clear and assertive about their wider roles in society, including in public health and environmental sustainability. It called on vets to increase their prominence and influence across a wide range of global health and environmental sustainability issues – including protecting animal health and welfare, the natural environment, biodiversity, managing invasive species, climate change, food security, research and development, and antimicrobial resistance.


On joining the Vet Sustain steering group, BVA Senior Vice President Simon Doherty, said:


“I am delighted to be joining my colleagues in launching this important initiative. In a recent BVA survey, we found that 89% of vets said that they would like to play a more active role in the UK sustainability agenda.


“There are many areas in which vets are well placed to advise on sustainable practices and make improvements within their own working lives. For example, vets play an integral part in animal agriculture and the food sector, and can advise on and influence sustainable husbandry practices and management systems with a view to better protecting and conserving natural resources, wild species and biodiversity.


“There is potential for the veterinary profession to be a leading voice here and with more people thinking about the ways in which they can help protect the environment, this is a great time to get involved.”

BVA Media Office