BVA responds to Brexit vote

15 January 2019

BVA has responded tonight (15 January) to the outcome of the Brexit vote, under which MPs voted by a large majority to reject the proposed Withdrawal Agreement. 

BVA President Simon Doherty said:

“This result suggests that a no deal Brexit is increasingly likely, which would have a profound impact on the veterinary profession, particularly in the short to medium term.  We know that our members are particularly worried about workforce shortages and capacity, so we will ramp up our campaign to restore vets to the shortage occupation list and develop an immigration system that works for everyone in the profession.

"Uncertainty over the UK’s future status will put additional pressures on an already overstretched profession, so it is essential in the event of a no deal scenario that the government gains listed status for the UK as a matter of urgency.

“In these uncertain times we would like to remind members that they can access our free legal helpline, particularly for questions over employment and immigration. BVA will continue to work with RCVS, Defra and other stakeholders, including the Irish Government, to address the many detailed questions thrown up by a no deal Brexit.”

To help the profession navigate the uncertain times ahead, BVA has developed an 8-point plan for surviving a no deal Brexit.

The BVA briefings on “Brexit and the veterinary profession” and “No deal Brexit and the veterinary profession” set out all of the issues of interest in more detail.

BVA Media Office