Northern Ireland to introduce legislation to make BVD testing compulsory

02 December 2015

Responding to the announcement made by DARD minister Michelle O’Neill (1 December), BVA and BVA Northern Ireland Branch have welcomed plans to bring forward draft legislation to make Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) testing compulsory in Northern Ireland.

President of BVA Northern Ireland Branch Simon Doherty said, “With about half of Northern Ireland farmers involved, the uptake under the voluntary BVD testing scheme has been really promising. So it’s most welcome that Minister O’Neill has committed to the necessary introduction of compulsory testing, as part of the joined-up Government, profession and industry approach that is crucial for the delivery of a successful BVD eradication programme in Northern Ireland.” 

Sean Wensley, President of BVA, said, “Vets and farmers have been well engaged with the process so far and keen to see it progress; the announcement for a compulsory BVD testing scheme was made more than two years ago so we are very pleased to hear this next step in its continued progress towards legislation, with a deadline for rollout set for March 2016.”

BVA Media Office