Veterinary View

Now in its second year, ‘Veterinary View’ is a series of unique news and current affairs-style short films for and about the veterinary profession, made in collaboration with ITN Productions.

This year’s films cover a wealth of topics aimed at all areas of the profession, including a look at where a veterinary degree can take you, who’s who in a veterinary practice and how the veterinary profession is working to tackle antimicrobial resistance. There’s also a look at responsible dog breeding and buying, as well as preventive healthcare and the importance of the vet client relationship, all combining key industry and sector interviews and reports.

BVA films

Building client relationships through preventive healthcare

It’s important to maintain good client relations and practices are looking for new ways to engage owners to improve pet health. Preventive health care can help strengthen client relationships and reduce the number of clients presenting their animals later than they should.

Where can a veterinary degree take you?

Almost 90 percent of the practising vets in the UK work within a practice, but what about the other 10 percent? There are a variety of exciting and rewarding opportunities that are available to those with a veterinary degree.

Interview with BVA's Gudrun Ravetz and Sean Wensley

BVA president Gudrun Ravetz and Senior Vice President Sean Wensley discuss the impact of 24-hour care on the veterinary workforce, what needs to be done to support younger vets who’ve just qualified, what are the hopes and concerns for Brexit and how important is it that the UK veterinary profession maintains a global role.

What vets are doing to tackle antibiotic resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), is a serious issue for vets, with 9 in 10 vets in the UK describing themselves as 'concerned' about AMR. In this film we find out what’s being done to ensure antibiotics are being used responsibly in production and companion animals, and why it's important vets and the medical profession work together to defeat resistant superbugs.

The importance of responsible dog ownership and breeding

Hereditary conditions such as Hip Dysplasia and Glaucoma can seriously affect a dog's quality of life, which is why health screening is so important. BVA and Kennel Club work together on the Canine Health Schemes to encourage and monitor responsible dog breeding, to help eliminate inherited diseases in dogs.

Who’s who in the veterinary team

From preventive care, to aftercare, everyone in the veterinary team has a role to play. Veterinary View went behind the scenes at a small animal practice in Lancashire to see how the team there works together to ensure the best possible care for animals and clients.

Veterinary View full programme

You can watch the full length version of Veterinary View which includes the BVA led films and includes further films from Bayer, Henry Shein, Merial Equine Health, Petplan, City University of Hong Kong - School of Veterinary Medicine, Vet Cell Theraputics, Virbac and Zoetis.

All of these films are also available on BVA’s YouTube channel.

Commercial partners

The following films were created by our Veterinary View commercial partners and are available to watch through The films discuss the tools and solutions that are improving veterinary care, as well as the innovations taking place across the UK and beyond that will shape the future of the profession.

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