Cloning of animals

The cloning of animals raises many ethical issues and BVA asks for specific controls

Dolly, the first cloned sheep, was born in 1997 and sparked a worldwide debate on the ethics of cloning. Subsequent cloning efforts have raised serious concerns regarding the welfare of the individual animals produced through cloning methods.

BVA position

  • the cloning of animals should not be commercialised in the UK
  • if cloning is performed then procedures should comply with the 3 Rs: replacement, refinement, reduction
  • registration of cloned animals should be explored
  • the public should be aware that companion animals will not have the same behaviour as the animal they were cloned from
  • products from cloned animals and their offspring do not pose a public food safety risk.

BVA activity

  • 2012: Responded to a European Commission Consultation on cloning animals for food production
  • 2010: BVA’s Production Animal Group considered the public safety aspects of cloned food and amended the BVA position

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