Your Voice in government

We use the Voice of the Veterinary Profession statistics to make sure vets’ voices and opinions are heard and acted on by governments throughout the UK.

This will be particularly important as BVA lobbies during the Brexit negotiations to ensure the best possible outcome for the veterinary profession, animal health and welfare, and public health.

We used Voice statistics this year to support the launch of our Brexit report to Ministers and other parliamentarians, civil servants and government agencies, and will use the recommendations to inform our  lobbying work on behalf of the veterinary profession.

Voice survey statistics regularly provide evidence in developing briefings for individual meetings with parliamentarians and for use at lobbying events, on priority issues such as welfare at slaughter and dog breeding and trade.

They are also used in the BVA President’s speeches at BVA annual dinners attended by Peers, MPs, MSPs, AMs, MLAs and other key influencers in the devolved countries of the UK.

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    Media guide for vets

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