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BVA responds to Prime Minister’s Brexit speech

The Prime Minister Theresa May has outlined her plans for the UK’s exit from the European Union in a major speech this week.


Vets urge “keep backyard flocks safe”, as more Avian Flu cases confirmed

BVA and BVPA encourage keepers of small flocks of poultry to read and act on Defra’s news Avian Flu factsheet, which provides helpful advice on protecting kept birds


Snow flurries no fun for small furries warn vets

As temperatures start to drop, vets are warning owners not to forget about small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs that usually live outdoors yet are vulnerable to the cold and damp despite their furry coats.


Vets encourage vigilance as avian flu found in backyard flock

As a new case of avian flu is announced in a backyard flock in Wales, BVA and BVPA encourage all poultry keepers to heed the UK governments’ housing requirements and ensure the highest levels of biosecurity.


BVA family welcomes in 2017 in EU28 languages

To close 2016, the year of the Brexit Referendum, BVA and BVA specialist divisions have extended New Year’s greetings to colleagues across the profession in the languages of the EU.


Don’t let New Year’s resolutions dog you – get fit with your pet in 2017!

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to budge the extra Christmas bulge, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) is offering advice on how pet owners can get fit with their dog, after 62% of companion animal vets said pet obesity is one of their top concerns in a recent BVA survey.

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