Celebrating 40 years of In Practice

01 Jan 2019

Baines, S.

In Practice Image

With the publication of this issue, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of In Practice. This represents over 300 issues of the journal and nearly 3000 articles.

In Practice was started as a result of a desire by the BVA to include educational content as part of its publication output, in addition to the information contained in its original, and considerably older, sister journal The Veterinary Record.

The first issue of In Practice was published in January 1979 and contained four articles: Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat Transmissible to Man by Keith Thoday; Collecting Specimens for Virus Disease Diagnosis by Paul Gibbs; Abortion in Sheep by Karl Linklater; and a self-assessment quiz on Contagious Equine Metritis. That’s quite a range of topics across different species, and In Practice has remained true to this goal over the years.

I have been involved with the journal for many years as...