How to sample from bone marrow

01 Jan 2019

Higgs, P.

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Bone marrow biopsy is performed to determine whether there is any functional, structural or cellular change to the bone marrow. It is a procedure that is only necessary if there is a very high suspicion of bone marrow disease; indications include pancytopenia, persistent neutropenia, monoclonal gammopathy, non-regenerative anaemia, leukocytosis, circulating atypical lymphocytes and staging for lymphoid neoplasia.


  • Aseptic skin-preparation equipment

  • Fenestrated drape

  • Scalpel blade

  • Sterile gloves

  • Anticoagulant – citrate phosphate dextrose adenine (this can be taken from a blood donation bag)

  • Bone marrow needle (Jamshidi; size dependent on patient [11 gauge is usually appropriate for dogs, 14 gauge for cats])

  • 10 to 20 ml syringe

  • Microscope slides

  • Formalin pot

  • PreparationPreparing the bone marrow needle

  • Using aseptic technique, remove the stylet from the Jamshidi needle.

  • Attach the 20 ml syringe and draw up a small volume...