Surviving the apocalypse

01 Jan 2019

In Practice Image

‘Do you think that in thousands of years somebody’ll be digging up our rubbish tips?’, Sharon asked.

I shrugged. It was a quiet day at work, and Sharon had been watching Time Team. ‘Nah. I don’t think so’, I replied.

‘Why not?’

‘We’ll all have died from nuclear radiation or antibiotic-resistant infections by then.’

She gave me a strange look – ‘That’s cheerful.’

‘Realistic!’ I said, cheerfully. ‘With everything that’s happening, an apocalypse is bound to happen sooner or later.’

‘I think you’re wrong,’ she said. ‘But if it did, I reckon vets would be useful people to have around. Like in that show – The Walking Dead.’

As it was a quiet day at work our conversation inspired a discussion (some parts of it more serious than others) as to whether vets really would be more useful than the average stranger during a life-altering apocalyptic event. I think...