Dermatological conditions in rabbits

01 Dec 2019

Honey, L.

In Practice Image

In this month’s issue of In Practice, Livia Benato explains that dermatological conditions are a very common problem in pet rabbits, but there are many causes. She provides an overview of skin diseases that the general practitioner will see, which will help them approach these cases with more confidence (p488). The article has been selected as the editor’s choice by our senior clinical editor, Stephen Baines, who said that ‘Dermatological disease is a common presenting problem in rabbits and as rabbits are becoming more popular, it means that vets in practice will be confronted with such patients more often. This is a well-written, comprehensive article that is also well illustrated, and is one of those articles than I suspect many vets will cut out and keep handy for when they have one of these consultations.’

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