Nursery rhymes for modern times

01 Dec 2019

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It’s amazing what runs through your head when you go about your daily work. Last week the lyrics to the rhyme ‘How much is that doggie in the window?’ were stuck in my head. As I hummed the tune I realised how inaccurate it was for modern times. No longer can pet shops sell puppies in windows. Think of the equivalent 2019 lyrics, ‘How much is that doggy at the breeder’s yard? Please can I see the bitch? How much is that doggy at the breeder’s yard? I hope they are a registered breeding premises’. Unsurprisingly, my nine-month-old son found those lyrics much less catchy.

As a government vet, it got me thinking about other victims of modern veterinary times. Let’s start with the owl and the pussy-cat. Did the cat get its pet passport checked before departing from the UK? If they left in the event of a...