My desert island drugs

01 Mar 2019

In Practice Image

My ‘You know you’ve made it when . . .’ moment is being a guest on Desert Island Discs. Oh, to hear the seagulls’ chatter and Kirsty Young’s sweet voice say my name. Of course, the chances of me even getting close to choosing my eight discs are slim. In an attempt to console myself, I often think about my own veterinary variation of the show: desert island drugs.

The premise is simple. If you were to be marooned in a veterinary practice on a tropical island, what would be your eight drugs of choice? Alongside the drugs, you get to choose a luxury item, a book and select the one drug, above all others, that you would save from the tempest.

How best to approach this conundrum? On Radio 4, Kirsty talks the celebrity through their life and the songs that reflect an important chapter; songs that remind...