Are we selecting the best undergraduates?

01 May 2019

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We hear a lot these days about the alarming drop-out rate in the profession, and there seems to be much soul-searching as to what can be done to make things better for vets, in particular younger graduates.

I confess, I have a personal interest in this; my daughter has been offered a place at vet school, and while it has brought back many memories of my days as a vet student in the 1980s, it also makes me wonder what the future holds for her.

First, I, like many others, tend to look back at my undergraduate years through rose-tinted spectacles; the facilities were sometimes basic, but learning was fun and we tackled everything with a mixture of enthusiasm, energy and blissful ignorance. The words ‘health and safety’ were rarely heard, and our tutors gave us a degree of freedom that would be frowned upon nowadays.