Sorry, its a 'vets car

01 Jun 2019

In Practice Image

I just took my car to be cleaned and found myself, once again, being charged an extra fiver on the advertised rates. After much gasping, shaking of head and looks of disgust, I was told the reason for this was because my car was ‘so dirty’.

Usually, I make my excuses by stating that it is a ‘vet’s car’, but since it is five years since I gave up clinical work and 16 since I set foot on a farm I thought I couldn’t really pull that one off. It’s just a really dirty car!

I guess it must be the fault of the kids or the dog; although, in general, the dog only contributes a smattering of hair. He did once get himself into trouble by inexplicably chewing the hand brake on a hire car while on calls with my husband – the naughtiest and most expensive thing...