Comments on the dilemma in the June issue: Not a dry eye in the house: treating rescue dogs with off-licence cyclosporine

01 Jul 2019

Badger, D.

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In the dilemma discussed in the June issue of In Practice, David Williams described a scenario where you are presented with a puppy that has abnormal eye discharge which, on inspection with the Schirmer tear test, is confirmed as dry eye. The recommended treatment is topical cyclosporine, which is likely to restore tear production while alleviating the discomfort that is clearly a welfare issue for the animal. Without such treatment the quality-of-life for the puppy reduces dramatically due to chronic corneal pain. However, the owner is unable to afford this licensed treatment. You remember the days before cyclosporine ointment was licensed, when the oral formulation of cyclosporine used for atopic dermatitis was diluted in corn oil and worked perfectly well. (IP, June 2019, vol 41, pp 230-231). What do you do?