Getting tied up in knots

01 Oct 2019

In Practice Image

Single, double, square and granny. As a student these had me, literally, tied up in knots. Learning to tie knots and suture patterns are an important pastime. I remember back to my student days when, just before the spring EMS period, old towels stitched with out-of-date polyglactin 910 were a common sight around our house. God forbid we weren’t able to show the mentoring vet our knowledge of suture patterns!

At my alma mater there was the annual tradition of auctioning a session on ‘How to tie a bow-tie’ with our most eccentric lecturer. It was all done for the good of the vet school charity of course; however, it did add another string to our clothing bow.

Woe betide the undergraduate who wore ‘smart-casual’ clothing. We had to dress ‘professionally’. During my time at vet school there were a few costume changes and eventually the white lab coats...