Neuro-ophthalmic disorders in horses

01 Oct 2019

Honey, L.

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In this month’s issue of In Practice, Roser Tetas Pont and Elsa Beltran provide an article on the clinical approach to diagnosing neuro-ophthalmology disorders in horses (p383). They explain that cases can present with a wide range of clinical signs, from chronic, non-healing corneal ulcers to behavioural changes due to visual impairment, and that it can be difficult to reach a diagnosis. They provide a systematic approach to examining horses with suspected neuro-ophthalmic disorders, which will help the clinician to achieve a diagnosis and a list of differential diagnoses. The article has been selected as the editor’s choice by our senior clinical editor, Stephen Baines, who said that the authors had ‘taken a complex subject and made it really simple, using excellent images to illustrate the topic’.

The authors take a complex subject and make it really simple, with excellent images to illustrate

In the companion animal section,...