Guide for goat kid disbudding

01 Nov 2019

Honey, L.

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The article provides a practical description of the technique to allow the practitioner to do this in a safe and successful manner

In this month’s issue of In Practice, John Matthews and Ben Dustan provide an article on disbudding of goats (p433). They explain that the procedure is the most common one to be carried out in goats, but because of the relatively small numbers of these animals in the UK many vets in practice have not seen this technique performed. They provide a guide to performing safe and successful disbudding of goat kids. The article has been selected as the editor’s choice by our senior clinical editor, Stephen Baines, who said that it is ‘a well-written article about a topic that is not often dealt with and which is an important matter. As the authors indicate, vets may not be aware that the procedure for disbudding...