Road trip boredom busters

01 Nov 2019

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Two hours seems like a reasonable estimate for the amount of time that the bog standard, large animal vet might spend driving around the great British countryside each day. That works out at three months per year, provided, of course, you work a strict nine to five.

For vets today, modern technology, such as satnavs and hands-free calling, has robbed them of the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the holy trinity of steering, map reading and trying to track down the lesser-spotted senior partner after lunchtime on a Friday for advice on a case. Fortunately, what modern technology has done for the profession is provide vets with a variety of ways in which to entertain themselves on the road – now that a swift half pint in the local pub between calvings and colics is no longer socially acceptable. And so, to rid boredom between calls, vets fall broadly...